Nielsen – Professional Services @ UPR 2016


Professional Services 2017 Fulltime Associate


Professional Services Analytics Experience

Today, there were over 500 million Tweets, over 85% of U.S. Consumers used their mobile device while watching TV, and within the next four years, women will control $28 Trillion in annual consumer spending. At Nielsen, you will help analyze and understand what all this means to our consumers, and how it truly influences and drives consumer behavior in what people watch and what people buy.

As an Analyst within our Professional Services Analytics Experience (PSAE), you’ll be working with our several hundred clients, like Coca-Cola, General Mills, SC Johnson, Google, Amazon, Target, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, and P&G, to name a few. No other company in the world comes close to having the level of insights into consumers that Nielsen does.


Professional Services Analytics Experience (PSAE)

The PSAE has been carefully crafted with you in mind. You’ll be using analytical and consultative skills to drive

comprehensive end-to-end consumer insights enabling our clients to make faster, smarter, and better decisions to help their business grow.

You’ll quickly discover that market research is critical to succeeding with consumers. As an Analyst, you’ll be analyzing consumer data to deliver insights and recommendations to help drive outcomes for clients. You’ll be assigned to focus on one of our key practices: Consumerization, Sales Effectiveness, Marketing Effectiveness, Innovation, or Client Engagement.

  • Consumerization is about connecting with consumers to meet their needs. Here, you’ll be helping to identify and build a custom view of our client’s most profitable consumers so we can help them innovate, communicate, and activate with those consumers in mind.
  • Innovation is an end-to-end process of developing, optimizing, and validating new products. You’ll influence which new products are brought to market and help clients have more successful product launches by understanding whether our clients’ new product ideas uniquely satisfy consumers’ needs, by evaluating whether the product can meet financial objectives, and by providing guidance on how clients can improve the product and marketing strategy.
  • Marketing Effectiveness is about boosting our clients’ performance. You’ll help advertisers drive efficient and effective marketing efforts- measuring and optimizing performance for better returns. You’ll help analyze how to develop better content, maximize ad inventory, and grow revenue by helping our clients reach the right audiences, designing experiences and message that resonate, and prompt the desired consumer reaction.
  • Sales Effectiveness is about customers’ behaviors and preferences. Here, you’ll help analyze data on what influences a consumers purchase decision and dig deep into shopper behavior to help understand the why behind the buy so our clients can enhance their marketing approach. By doing this, you’ll help clients know how to influence purchase decisions and ultimately guide their pricing and trade promotion strategies.
  • Client Engagement is part of the Nielsen ‘one voice’ client team providing day-to-day support and driving strategic initiatives on-site or You’ll help partner with our clients to understand, consult, and analyze their needs, manage client relationships, and help partner with our other practice areas to ensure our client needs are met.


Selection Criteria:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in an analytically or human insights focused field including but not limited to: economics, psychology, marketing, engineering, mathematics, statistics, or a similar business or liberal arts degree.
  • Exposure to coursework within business or market research course, Excel or statistical applications (SPSS, R, Stata, etc)
  • 0 cumulative GPA minimum or equivalent
  • Permanent U.S. work authorization
  • Ability to think critically
  • Leadership and involvement in extracurriculars on campus
  • Passion for understanding consumers and market research

We want you to #ExperienceNielsen through our rewarding Professional Services Analytics Experience. Our focus is on your continued growth, development, and engagement through our Program that features continued training programs, engagement initiatives, and so much more allowing you to progress on your career journey at Nielsen.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled